October 15, 2010

Hello Project 'Favourite Member Circle Chart'

Hi blog! It's been a while!! A REALLY REALLY LONG WHILE!!
Coupled with being super busy, both of us bananas have been quite un-motivated when it comes to blogging. Hello Project just hasn't been that interesting lately!


I found this chart today and have been staring at it for a really long time.


This chart is a survey asking every Hello!Project member to rank their favourite members in a given category.
My japanese sucks and I can pretty much only read katakana, so I was able to make out the first 6 questions and vaguely guess the rest.

The first question, directly underneath the member photos asks them to pick a few members to make their own unit and also give the unit a name. It's really interesting to see who each member picks!

Every member was picked for at least one unit.

Takahashi Ai picked Kamei Eri and Shimizu Saki for her unit called E.A.S. H!P's three best dancers! This was interesting because the three of them actually performed a song together in one of the Hello Project concerts.
Mitsui Aika picked only Maimai, which is interesting. I didn't know they were friends. But Maimai didn't pick Mitsui for her unit. LOL.
Chinami only picked Maimi, and Maimi only picked Chinami... is something going on here?
Miya's group only consists of Berryz.
Kumai-chan's group is my favourite. She picked Junjun, Maasa and Maimi and called it DEKAMONI (opposite of MiniMoni, meaning GiantMoni) ZOMGLOL... that is too funny!! XD XD

Question 2 was broken into 6 parts. It surveyed different idol aspects/abilities. I've tallied up the results for each part.
Sorry about the changes in significant figures in each stage. Some members couldn't just pick one, so I had to divide the answer up, so that each part would add up to 25.


8.5 Takahashi Ai
5.0 Kamei Eri
4.5 Airi
2.0 Risako
2.0 Linlin
1.0 Chisato
1.0 Maeda Yuuka
1.0 Ogawa Saki

I was surprised so many people like Kamei Eri's voice, and that nobody picked Reina.
Other than that, the results weren't that unexpected. It's funny how our resident soloist was nowhere to be seen either.


11.0 Captain
6.00 Takahashi Ai
3.00 Kamei Eri
1.00 Niigaki
1.00 Reina
1.00 Miyabi
1.00 Nakajima Saki
1.00 Airi

Woo, Captain killed this one! I have no idea why Chinami picked Niigaki or why Chisato picked Reina. They were a little out of the blue. Takahashi Ai picking Miya was a bit weird too.


10.83 Michishige
5.000 Wada Ayaka
2.000 Junjun
1.500 Momo
1.333 Linlin
1.000 Niigaki
1.000 Kamei Eri
1.000 Maasa
1.000 Mano Vegetable
0.333 Chisato

Dammit Dawa... messing up my significant figures!
The winner of this poll wasn't surprising either. Although runner-up was a little. I donno that much about Wada Ayaka, but I guess the members think she's a pretty good talker!


3 Michishige
3 Linlin
3 Momo
2 Kamei Eri
2 Miya
2 Chisa
2 Airi
1 Takahashi Ai
1 Junjun
1 Kumai-chan
1 ManoVegetable
1 Wada Ayaka
1 Maeda Yuuka
1 Kanon
1 Ogawa Saki

This question pretty much asks who your favourite H!P member is, right?
VERY VERY surprised that Chinami picked Momo! I always thought she didn't like her!
Momo and Chisa both picked each other! That made me smile! :)


6.00 Kumai-chan
3.25 Maeda Yuuka
3.25 Wada Ayaka
3.00 Takahashi Ai
2.00 Miya
1.00 Michishige
1.00 Tanaka Reina
1.00 Linlin!? (lol)
1.00 Shimizu Saki
1.00 Risako
1.00 Nakajima Saki
0.50 Chinami
0.50 Maimi
0.25 Fukuda Kanon
0.25 Ogawa Saki

Wee! Kumai-chan! B.B and I agreed that after her idol career she will definitely be a model! LOL, linlin picked herself and they put the '!?' next to her name!! XD Only Maeda Yuuka picked Michishige so I guess she can't be the number 1 cute leader? Also SO SURPRISED that Kumai-chan picked Captain... that was... really odd...

Fashion Sense:

9.0 Miya
5.5 Takahashi Ai
4.0 Tanaka Reina
1.0 Chinami
1.0 Risako
1.0 Nakajima Saki
1.0 Airi
1.0 Mano Vegetable
1.0 Ogawa Saki
0.5 Kamei Eri

Wow, cool, Miya topped this one! Can't say I know much about each member's individual style, since most of the time when we see them they're in costumes or have been dressed by stylists. But w/e Berryz totally topped 4 out of the 6 questions. yayay!

The rest of the questions i didn't understand 100%, so I won't write about it.
This is already long enough anyway!!

This table is SO interesting! I gotta get B.B to translate the rest of the questions for me! There's some stuff about motherly-feeling, little sisters and boys! I have to know!! lol!

Anyways, hopefully H!P will get more interesting when a few new releases come out, and then I'll blog again!


August 26, 2010

ºC-ute 'Dance de Bakoon!' mp3 download

Number 13!

1. Dance de Bakoon!.mp3
2. Kore Ijou Kirawaretakunai no.mp3
3. Dance de Bakoon! (Instrumental).mp3


plus link link --> ºC-ute downloads


August 22, 2010

Banana Reviews: Berryz Koubou Concert Tour 2010 Shoka ~Umi no ie Otakebi House~

I'm gonna try and make this quick!
I really shouldn't be watching this concert right now, but I just can't help myself, lol!!

So I'm gonna review it as I go, since I don't have the time to watch it again v.v
The official release date isn't until the 25th of this month (August)... But as per usual it has magically appeared HERE on youtube!

Berryz Koubou Concert Tour 2010 Shoka
~Umi no ie Otakebi House~

The concert follows a story:
Captain has decided to open an 'Otakebi House' with all her friends. Even the shy classmate Risako has decided to work there, but all ideas for the Otakebi house haven't been really good. During a karaoke session, Momo comes up with the idea that the Otakebi house should be a place where the girls can sing by themselves. Everyone loves the idea but then, Risako announces that she is going to move to New York after summer holidays due to her father's new job. It has always been like this since she was child. Every time she makes new friends, her father gets a new job and she has to move again. However, all the girls tell her that she will always be welcome in the Otakebi House, and that they will be waiting for her forever.

Summary from: J-Ongaku

Banana A. Banana B.

OPENING (skit)

But apparently there were a fair few girls in the crowd for this taping.

1. Maji Good Chance Summer

It was cool how it joined on to the opening skit! Although i think I prefer those hardcore wham/bam upbeat in-your-face opening songs.

VTR (BGM: Koi wa Hipparidako)

Lol, i loved that Momo/Chinami fish bit in this VTR! So random...
But for the most part, the girls didn't look that good in this VTR. It was really long too.

2. Rival

Cute outfits!! But they had their first costume change so early on!


3. Koi no Jubaku

To tell you the truth I wasn't really watching this performance.
Too busy getting this blog post ready, haha. But from what I heard it sounded good? This songs is an easy one anyway.

4. Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda!

This was cute, although the body-rolls in these dresses looked really weird! Solo lines for everybody, yay!

MC2 (Momo & Maasa)

5. Yakimochi wo Kudasai! (Saki, Chinami & Risako)

I gotta get me one of these jumpsuits!

6. Grand demo Rouka demo Medatsu Kimi (Maasa & Yurina)

lololol! I still love those superhero poses they do!! XD
I think Kumai-chan's voice has gotten better! Usually I like Maasa in this song better, but today I think I preferred Kumai-chan. (Even though she had a sore throat)

7. Ai ni wa Ai desho (Miyabi & Momoko)

Very Buono! Outfits. These two never fail to deliver :D

DRAMA ('House, Home of The Sea Cry')

8. Natsu Wakame

This was really cute! I like these outfits too! I want Miya's dress!

9. Maji Natsu Sugiru (Beatboxing)

AMAZING!! Berryz just keep getting better at these acapella style songs. It sounded awesome! (Although that last note was a bit...) It's really cool how they don't have to stand there and prepare now too (like how they did in Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai.) They just went straight into it. :) yay Berryz!

10. Natsu Remember you

I loved how these songs all fitted together in the story. It made all these songs so much more meaningful! It's like you can feel the reson and emotion behind the song. I like Miya's voice here too!! (But not her last note... Miya!!)

11. Anshinkan (Captain, Momo, Miyabi & Kumai-chan)

I still like Kumai-chan's first line in this, :) even though in general I don't like her voice.

12. Passion E-CHA E-CHA (Captain, Momo, Miya & Kumai-chan)

"Tell me, tell me why? Call me, call me please! Big news!"
Lol, always have to take a picture of their 'Hmm?' poses :P

13. Fighting Pose wa Date ja nai! (Captain, Momo, Miya & Kumai-chan)

Kumai-chan 'Swan dive' LOL!
I used to love singing this song!

14. BERRY FIELDS (Chinami, Maasa & Risako)

Pineapple... why?

15. Yume de Do Up (Chinami, Maasa & Risako)

Nice harmonies!

16. Toshoshitsu Taiki (Chinami, Maasa & Risako)

Old song! It's kind of weird hearing all their B-sides one after the other.

17. Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance

Pineapples and Banana trees with monkeys... Oh Berryz. LOL!
I wonder how hard these costumes are to dance in? lolol. This song is still awesome!
Nice costume change at the end. Captain, Momo, Miya and Kumai-chan are lucky they didn't have to wear those tree outfits of long, haha!

There did sound like there were a fair few girls in the crowd at this live. yay! :)

18. Seishun Bus Guide

This song is still really powerful.
Momo's first line was a little off though, Momo!!

19. Ryuusei Boy

This dance is always so fun to watch!! XP

20. Otakebi Boy WAO!

Berryz have had a pretty good run with singles lately, yay! :d

21. Yuujou Junjou oh Seishun

I donno, I never really liked this song, although the performance is always really energetic and fun!
Woo, sweaty towel throw!

22. Maji Bomber!!

So awesomely manly! Their 'new' song. I've totally over-listened to it though (I gotta stop doing that.) Bring on their next single, lol!


23. Bye Bye Mata ne

This song always reminds me of Maiha :\
It was cute how the wotas helped out Kumai-chan when she couldn't sing her line! :)

Aww, the end!!

Overall Impression:
I really liked how this concert had a story! It was really cool to see and hear all the songs fit in to a narrative. The stage was cute with all the props and things and their costumes were pretty cute too! (albeit the trees -__-) I think all the girls preformed really well, actually I think Kumai-chan sounds better with a sore throat, lol! Miya and Risako continue to get better, but I think Risako should focus on her high notes because she already has the man voice part down pat, haha. The set list was okay, they sang a lot of b-sides this time. I really wanted to see 'Kimi no Tomodachi' from their new album because we still haven't seen it! I know it's on the setlist for a full H!P concert, so I guess we'll have to wait until then. And ZOMG, just realised there was no 'Special Generation' or 'Dschinghis Khan'! Woah... Overall, this concert was pretty good! :)

B.A & B.B

August 21, 2010

Banana Vault: Buono! 'DVD Magazine Vol.6 (Airi)'

Gogo, Airi!

DVD Magazine Vol.6 - Suzuki Airi ver.

Our Songs
My Love
We are Buono! ~ Buono! no Theme
Rottara Rottara
Rock no Kamisama
Nakimushi Shounen

I think Airi talked about most of my favourite songs, hehe.


Banana Vault: Buono! 'DVD Magazine Vol.5 (Miyabi)'


DVD Magazine Vol.5 - Natsuyaki Miyabi ver.

Café Buono!
Koucha no Oishii Mise
Gachinko de Ikou!
We are Buono! ~ Buono! no Theme
Independent Girl ~ Dokuritsu Joshi de Aru Tame ni
Rock no Kamisama
Lady Panther
Tabidachi no Uta

Looks like all the girls really like 'Kataomoi.' and 'Bravo☆Bravo' and of course 'Buono! no Theme' ^^


Banana Vault: Buono! 'DVD Magazine Vol.4 (Momoko)'

Woohoo! More Buono!
The next three posts will be Buono! DVD magazine volumes 4 to 6
I'm just going to post the first part of each of these. I'm sure you can follow the links on the side to watch the rest of it :)

These are pretty interesting because we get to hear what the Buono! members think of their songs and stage performances from their 'We are Buono! Live tour 2010'
Each member gets her own volume (split into 5 parts on YouTube) and talks about 11 songs each.

Enjoy! :D

DVD Magazine Vol.4 - Tsugunaga Momoko ver.

One Way = My Way
Minna Daisuki
Koucha no Oishii Mise
My Love
Independent Girl ~ Dokuritsu Joshi de Aru Tame ni
Lady Panther
We are Buono! ~ Buono! no Theme

Yayay Momo!


August 18, 2010